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Lunch Menus

Satay Chicken (4 pcs) 5.95

skewered and grilled ,served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad sauce.

Stuff Shrimp (4 pcs) 5.95

seasoned ground chicken , egg roll wrapper.served with sweet chilli sauce.

Curry Puff (4 pcs) 6.95

golden fried puff pastries filled with ground chicken, potatoes, onion and cucumber relish

Crispy Crab wonton (6 pcs) 5.95

Fried wonton with filling of crab meat, cream cheese, avocado, scalion served with sweet chilli sauce.

Crispy Tofu 5.95

Lightly fried fresh tofu , crushed peanut, sweet chilli sauce

Thai Wing 5.95

Marinated & breaded chicken wing, sweet chilli sauce.

Egg Roll (Veggie)(3 pcs.) 5.95

fried spring roll ,carrot, cabbage , glass noodle, sweet chilli sauec

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